Bronze Color Recycled Metal Succulent Planter

$4.38 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Lovely little rustic modern succulent planters for the office or home.

Made from recycled metal sprinkler pipe that was heavily weathered. We cut it down, and smooth away all sharp edges.

Pitting, bronze tone and gray corrosion and minor dents and deeper scratches are present so each piece will bear its own unique marks. Please refer to the last image and include your preference with a note at checkout "bronze", "gray" or "bright".

3” W x 2 7/8” H including rubber bumpers screwed in place.

The bottom consists of a fairly perfect cedar wood (moisture resistant) disk permanently glued in place with waterproof glue, and the joint is sealed with aquarium caulk.

Plant with a 2” potted succulent. Remove from the pot and add to the planter with fine gravel. Add decorative gravel or sand to the top if desired, and lightly water.

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