To us, building things the right way is about using materials diverted from waste, and longevity.

Our main emphasis is on making things that can be enjoyed for a long time, that our precious materials need not be wasted.  We put our best into every piece, that your gift will make them smile, and endure beautifully as a memoir.

We use reclaimed wood, and our methods are simple and strong.  Finishes are natural linseed oil, tung oil, sometimes combined with beeswax.  Where lacquers are used, we go lightly, just enough to protect the natural wood colors.  Packaging is minimal, with no extra "stuff".  Three wraps with re-used cardboard, tape, and a thin but durable Tyvek envelope, no poly or foam.

We appreciate you taking the time to check us out.  To request a fully customized order or to see our reviews, please visit our shop.