Glass Jar Wall Home and Office Organizer in Reclaimed Wood, With Three Jelly Jars


No room on the desk for a desktop organizer?  

Our answer to the cluttered office can mount to the wall and will keep a wide range of supplies out-of-the-way but accessible when needed. 

It also could be used in the kitchen, for tea bags, small utensils, sugar, measuring spoons, and such.

In the bathroom, Q-tips, toothbrushes, shavers, combs, makeup, and the like. 

Three jelly jars as shown are included, and fit perfectly with just a tiny bit of wobble.


Our wall mounting brackets will keep this unit square and tight to the wall.  Two like that in the third picture come pre-attached with glue and extra long screws that also reinforce the piece. 

Because we use recycled wood, the occasional piece will have old bolt holes and such.  We feel these marks add character. Some pieces will be smooth with no character marks at all.  If you prefer this style, please leave us a message "Smooth" at checkout. 

12 inches long

4 inches deep

1.25 inches thick