Metal and Recycled Wood Desktop Organizer, Industrial Style Office Supplies

$5.48 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

An artfully designed desktop organizer made from recycled metal and recycled wood . Old farm sprinkler pipes make up the three cups. We cut and fully clean them, smooth the top edge, and embed them in the wood permanently with glue, so the holder will be quite durable.

The bottom is outfitted with screwed-on rubber bumpers, so it won't slide around.

The finish is a natural wood oil, beeswax, and linseed, that will never peel or flake. Smells nice too!

Because we use recycled wood, some pieces will bear character marks such as old nail holes and bolt holes. If you wish us to exclude these marks please leave us a message "Modern" at checkout. 

4" tall

3" wide

8" long