Recycled Wood Office Organizer Desktop Tool Holder, Pencil and Pen Holder, Modern

$4.38 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

A minimalist and modern desktop organizer will help keep your things uncluttered yet accessible in the office. 

We made this unique style by re-sawing old lumber and laminating it into butcher block, exposing a wide variety of natural tones and lots of character. 

Beautifully sanded and finished in hand-rubbed natural wood oil to preserve color and protect. 

The bottom features four grippy modern black rubber feet screwed in place, to protect surfaces, to keep the unit from sliding, and give the piece a modern "lift". 

Some pieces bear character marks such as old bolt holes as shown in the first photo. If you wish us to exclude these marks please leave us a message "Smooth" at checkout.

3.25 inches tall

2.75 inches wide

7.5 inches long

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