Rustic Reclaimed Square Cube Accent Planter, Small

$4.38 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Made for succulent plants, these planters are great for accenting a shelf, a desk, or bathroom.

Made from one piece of solid reclaimed wood fully sanded and finished with beeswax.

Fully smoothed before finishing, and fitted with 4 rubber bumpers below. The hole is rounded for a nice finished look.

Because we make these from reclaimed wood, some pieces will include character marks such as nail holes and other marks.  If you prefer a perfect/smooth appearance, please refer to the last image and include a note with your order "modern".

2.5” x 2.5” x 3.0”

A good plant for this planter is a 2 inch potted succulent. Remove the succulent from its pot, and gently insert the root ball into the planter and water very lightly.


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