Small Modern Wood Geometric Succulent Planter

$4.38 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Small modern wood planter for succulents or cacti.

4" x 3 1/4"

Natural rubbed beeswax finish

Extra details:

We use Titebond III glue to put these together. It is waterproof and nontoxic.

The joints are clamped and glued, dried, then sealed again with a small bead on the joints, so the planters are quite well-made.

The succulent for this planter can be found at your local home and garden center. The best size is a 3 inch potted succulent or cactus.

Available with or without drainage holes. Most succulents will do happily with gravel in the bottom, but if you would like drainage holes, please mention this at checkout.

Because we use reclaimed wood, some pieces will have nail holes or other character marks such as shown in the last image. If you prefer a perfect appearance with no blemishes, please leave us a message "smooth" at checkout.

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