Small Modern Wood Wall Mount Spice Rack, Spice Shelf


Unique low profile spice shelf with hidden brackets. Holds seven jars, made to be used by itself or in rows one above the other.

Durable construction, hand rubbed natural beeswax finish, mounting hardware included.

Features three hidden mounting brackets for a minimalist appearance.

Multiple levels may be mounted one above another for more selections.

Square jars hold a bit more spice for the space they take up, and fit the shelf neatly. If you prefer to order without jars and use your own, most jars will fit. They should be no wider than 1 3/4" as that is the exact open area of the spice shelf.

2.5" x 2" x 12.5” shown, for 7 jars.  Please see the page menu for other sizes.  Need a custom size?  Contact us with the measurements.