Succulent Planter in Natural Solid Reclaimed Wood, Modern Minimalist Design

$7.67 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Succulent planter for the modern home or office, durably constructed from naturally moisture resistant recycled cedar.

The minimalist overall appearance and occasional rustic character mark will accent nicely in modern as well as semi rustic themes. 

Because it's built from old-growth wood assembled with waterproof wood glue and finished and beeswax and linseed oil it will hold up for many years. 

Comes ready to plant, no liner needed.

Fitted with four grippy rubber pads to keep it from sliding.  

Because we use reclaimed wood, the occasional old nail hole may be seen in some cuts.  To have us exclude these character marks for a perfect appearance, please leave us a message "Smooth" at checkout or "Rustic" to include character. 

3 inches tall

3 inches wide

7.5 inches long

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