Wall Mountable Succulent Planter in Rustic Recycled Metal

$4.38 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Wall mount succulent planters can be mounted in the entryway to make it more colorful and inviting. Or use to decorate your office, bedroom, bathroom, anywhere you would like a dash of green color and cool metal.

The bottom is a near perfect disk of cedar wood heavily bonded with waterproof glue and sealed at the joint with aquarium caulk.

There’s a small hole in the back top, through which a screw or nail, both included, can be used to attach the planter to your wall.

Please see all photos for options. Please let us know your preference "polished" or "natural".

Plant with a 2” potted succulent. Add your plant to the planter with fine gravel or coarse sand. Add more decorative gravel or sand to the top if desired, and lightly water.

3" wide x 3” tall

Made in USA

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